After a busy day, everyone needs a bit of socializing and relaxation in a beautiful atmosphere of the open space environment, preferably with promotional prices. For all of you who are committed to the office and who need relaxation from the obligations and stress, we organized special “After work” time, every Wednesday from 17 – 22h. We invite you to socialize and relax in the new and interesting place – Belgrade Market. Enjoy good atmosphere, phenomenal music and promotional prices for drinks.

Within the Belgrade Markets program we plan regular “bazaars” –vintage sales – for clothes, vinyl, comics, accessories and furniture. Vintage sales are interesting and well-accepted concept of selling old things that, thanks to their quality and new fashion trends, have actually gained value over time. Vintage sales are an opportunity for visitors to find quality and trendy goods at promotional prices.

Despite the lack of time, constant rush and fast way of living, we still have the beautiful inherited habit of common meal with family and friends – at least on Sundays! In order to satisfy the needs of gathering with a good meal and a host atmosphere, the Belgrade Market is organizing Sunday Brunches – every week from 12am to 5pm. We invite you to join us and enjoy socializing and wonderful food prepared by our exhibitors, in our new space in centre of Belgrade.

Within the Belgrade Market’s program, we pay special attention to our youngest guests and therefore we are organizing special Children’s Markets. A large number of exhibitors who are making wardrobe, toys, accessories, children’s books, healthy desserts and organic juices for children, will help you choose gifts, but also quality and unique everyday children’s necessities. Trough entertainment, educational workshops and imaginative solutions of young designers, you will definitely spend wonderful time with your kids and find everything you need for a child.

Designers have proven themselves to be the best ambassadors of our creativity and spirit, and therefore they have a special place in the Belgrade Markets program with permanent and occasional settings. Whether it’s about wardrobe, jewelry, accessories, clothes, bags, furniture or instruments, you will enjoy the work of our artists, with unforgettable combinations of shapes and colors and you will surely find the perfect gift for friends or for yourself! Visit the Design Market – on Fridays from 14 to 22h – experience creativity, enjoy the program and phenomenal meals.