In accordance with the basic concept of Belgrade Market, but also with natural and deeply entrenched love for gastronomy, within the program in our new space, we are organizing thematic Food Markets: salty and sweet, sour and spicy, for “go” and for drink! The best cooks, gastronomes, food and beverage producers, from our country and […]

My precious garlic! In the large number of gastronomic festivals in the world, it’s hard to choose the most interesting… If you are in search for interesting events, and the road take you to northern California, do not miss the opportunity to visit the town of Gilroy. You may be surprised (and scare) by the […]

Molecular gastronomy Combination of physics, chemistry, design and culinary art, create a very interesting discipline on the edge of science, art and gastronomy – molecular cuisine or molecular gastronomy. It is the gastronomic discipline that uses the help of biochemical and physicochemical processes for food and drink preparation. The goal of molecular cuisine is to […]