My precious garlic!

In the large number of gastronomic festivals in the world, it’s hard to choose the most interesting… If you are in search for interesting events, and the road take you to northern California, do not miss the opportunity to visit the town of Gilroy.

You may be surprised (and scare) by the opiate odor of the garlic, but this town is a self-styled “world capital” of this aromatic grocery. In addition to the traditionally growing of garlic in Gilroy, every year in mid-summer, there is a festival of garlic! At the festival you can taste the best specialties of garlic, with garlic and look like garlic. The biggest attraction of this festival is ice cream with garlic! Although many people find this specialty kind of repulsive, gastronomic experts are clamming that this is the real refreshment in the world of desserts.

If you are interested in visiting such an attractive festival, you do not have to travel to America – in the village of Šupljak, near Subotica in Serbia, every year there is a Garlic Festival. The people of Šupljak claim that their land is most suitable for growing garlic and are especially proud of the quality of this plant, which is considered as food and medicine in the same time. During the festive events the big market is open and, of course, there you can buy quality homegrown garlic.

Still, if you want to try garlic Ice cream you will have to travel, or try to make it yourself with some help from internet recipes…